India is different from all other countries. The Hindu upper cast class dictates the way of life for most. Their religion is very oppressive, and as a result the poor are also oppressed. God hates oppression that's the reason He had raised deliverers for Israel.
Jesus came to give us freedom from religion, but for some strange reason man cling and create religions for themselves and thereby lock the Almighty God in a box of their narrow views.
Today, when we speak about God most quickly label it religion, as if God's name means religion. Our God is our Father.
About His fatherhood we have learned from His Firstborn Son Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life. Through Him we come to know the heavenly Father. Our prayers and our love gifts ascend to heaven before the Almighty as a memorial.
God remembers you and your alms. He will remember you in time of need when you go through deep waters or through the fire. He will answer your prayer for by then He had inscribed you on the palms of His hands.