Mercy Talk

Yeshua The FirstbornCompassion, mercy and pity, which one is the most powerful?

No scientist ever thought about the fact that without Jesus no atheism would be possible.

The freedom of thought we enjoy today we owe to Jesus. Without Him we could never be able to approve or disprove something in religion.

If the Jew killed Christ for you then the Jew is your enemy. But if you love your enemy then you will thank the Jew for delivering Christ to the Romans to be killed for you. Without His death and resurrection you have no hope, do you?

These mental exercises are good, for they eventually eliminate illusion, which all too often is called a belief.

The triple mission of Jesus: to find the Lost Sheep of Israel through the dragnet called Christianity; to atone and stop all senseless blood sacrifices; to reveal resurrection and immortality is now understood. This understanding is brand new for until Christ no one ever considered resurrection from the dead. The disciples could not believe at first when Mary reported to them that their Master rose from the dead. This was new. When Jesus said to Peter that John would not die (Jn. 21:23) until He comes again, then that was also totally new. To even consider such probability was totally unreasonable, but not after Christ.

For this freedom Jesus paid the price.